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 On Wednesday Fen Drayton Primary school went on a 3K fun run it was rarely fun I came 12th out of

60ish children.I am so prald of my self

youth club

On Tuesday I went to youth club it was so much fun. We played snooker,table tennis and sardens  which is were 1 person hides and every one else counts. Then wants one person finds the hider he or she hides with  the hider until  the very last one.


Easter Holidays


On Easter Holidays I went to the beach for my little sisters birthday at Felixstowe and went on some go karts.


On Easter Day I was at my Dads and I ate loads of chocolate on that day.


What food do squirrel eat most of walnuts or hazel nut?

Easter Holidays

Hi Willow Class,


I hope you all had a good Easter holidays - the weather was great so there was lots of opportunities to go outside. Apart from spending some quality time with my family, my favourite activity was visiting Africa Alive in Suffolk. My family and I love wildlife and really enjoyed watching the animals roaming around their enclosures. The most incredible animals were the baby meerkats (so cute).


I look forward to reading about your holidays.


Mr B.


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